About Haute-Vienne


Cancer Support France Haute-Vienne offers confidential support to any English speaker touched by cancer, be they the patient, the carer or family member or friend.

We cover four departments 87, 23, 19 and 36 and offer moral support over the telephone and practical translation help to anyone in these departments.

We have developed strong links with the hospitals in Limoges and have worked as far away as Brive, Guéret and Montluçon.We offer translation help with appointments at the hospital, with your GP or the Assistante Sociale.

Support is offered over the telephone to enable clients to voice their concerns, anxieties and frustrations to a confidential listener who is well trained, non-judgemental and there just to listen.All our Active Listeners are volunteers, and receive a three day Initial Training Course and on-going training throughout the year.

We help with finding current information about cancer, diets during treatment and any other general information. We do not give medical advice, but we can normally orientate you towards someone who can.

Call the National Helpline number 0800 240 200 or contact us by email at


For more details, see our website: www.cshautevienne.org

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